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In a Crisis? 911 Isn’t Always the Answer in Metro Atlanta

Public Safety

Your Elected Officials Were Busy Passing Laws That Affect You. Here’s a Recap.

State Politics

Ready for 404 Day? So Are We. Here’s What You Need to Know.


What Did Mayor Andre Dickens Say? Read Our State of the City Breakdown.

City Politics

Georgia’s Legislative Session Is About to End. Here’s What We’re Watching.


With Black Residents at Risk of Losing Medicaid, These Orgs Are Here to Help


Got a Minute? We Could Use Your Help.

We Asked All 16 Members of the Atlanta City Council About ‘Cop City.’ Two Responded.

City Politics

Black Folks Share Their Concerns Ahead of Dickens’ State of the City Address

City Politics

The Health Risks Behind ‘Cop City’

Health Equity

Black Airbnb Hosts in Atlanta Say City’s Short-Term Rental Policies Lack Clarity


A Fight for Justice: Why the Family of Matthew Zadok Williams Is Suing DeKalb County

Criminal Justice

Meet the 3 Black Prosecutors Taking on Donald Trump

Why a New Law Denying Health Care for Trans Youth Has Local Black Advocates Worried


Atlanta Is Reviewing Its Short-Term Rental Policy. Here’s What You Need to Know.


We Spoke to an Expert About Medicaid Unwinding in Georgia. Here’s What We Learned.


The Rent Control Bill Stalled, but This Activist Isn’t Done Fighting


Civil Rights Complaint Alleges Wellstar Neglected Black Communities

Health Equity

Yes, Black People Are Protesting Cop City, Too


Inside the Maternal Health Crisis Hitting Georgia’s Black Belt

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