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News Roundup

Residents of Condemned Apartments in Southeast Atlanta Begin Relocating

Your AM Rundown: Plus, several metro area churches will disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church over LGBTQ stance.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens signed a $9.1 million investment into law last month specifically to support the relocation of Forest Cove apartment residents. (Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

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Here’s what’s up in Atlanta: 

  • Forest Cove residents started moving into their new homes on Friday, thanks to funding from the city of Atlanta. Last month, Mayor Andre Dickens signed a $9.1 million investment into law specifically to support the relocation of Forest Cove. Residents of the apartment complex were forced to move out after its conditions were allowed to deteriorate, resulting in the temporary closure of the neighborhood school, Thomasville Heights Elementary School.
  • Dr. Preston Phillips, an orthopedic surgeon who was killed by a gunman in a mass shooting in an Oklahoma hospital last week, was a Frederick Douglass High School alumnus. On Saturday, Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Lisa Herring publicly mourned his death. A gunman complaining of inadequate treatment at a Tulsa hospital killed Phillips and four other people. 
  • Several metro Atlanta churches were given the right to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church after years of strife on LGBTQIA+ inclusion. The UMC denomination has been known for a progressive theology, but various congregations remain divided on LGBTQIA+ inclusivity, listed as a sin in the Bible. The churches will officially part ways on June 30. 
  • The DeKalb County elections board certified the results of last month’s primary on Friday. A programming change on voting equipment, prompted by the withdrawal of one of the candidates in the county Board of Commissioners race, caused an inaccurate count of votes. Officials called for a recount by hand.

ICYMI: The rent is getting high across the metro Atlanta area. According to, more than half of apartments available cost $2,100 to rent. Average rent for a studio apartment, according to the site, is right below $1,700, and a one bedroom on average costs renters more than $1,900 a month. 

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