What I do at Capital B Atlanta

At Capital B Atlanta, I work as the editor-at-large, helping our lead editor Gavin Godfrey build out an editorial strategy that will serve Black communities that have been underrepresented in traditional media.

Why I came to Capital B Atlanta

My interest in helping Capital B launch in Atlanta stems from my belief that traditional media have historically done a poor job of catering to the range of experiences of Black residents here. I have written for many of the local publications and I often report on Atlanta for national media. I know the constant struggle to center Black Atlantans in a way that feels fair and equitable. I want to be a part of addressing these issues. 

My connection to Atlanta

In a city known for having a lot of transplants, I realize how special it is that my family has lived here throughout the past century. As I report on Atlanta in the present day, I find having a deep understanding of the city’s history, especially as it pertains to Black residents, has been invaluable. 

What I do in my free time

I’m still trying to figure out what my hobbies are since all all of them can now be tied to work in some way. But I love to unplug and spend time in my kitchen.

The song I’m listening to on repeat right now

I’ve been listening to a lot of Brittany Howard (and Alabama Shakes) recently. In doing so, I came across this devastatingly beautiful acoustic version of “Short and Sweet.”  

My favorite Black storytellers/creators

I will always read anything written by Hanif Abdurraqib or Carol Anderson, but no author has had more of an impact on me than Toni Morrison. 

Where you can find me

I’m on Twitter @jewelwickershow, but if you’re sending anything work-related, please email jewel.wicker@capitalbnews.org so that I can keep track of it and respond. 

Jewel Wicker is editor-at-large for Capital B Atlanta. Twitter @jewelwickershow