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Inside Capital B ATL

All About Kenya Hunter, Atlanta Health Reporter

Kenya Hunter headshot
Kenya Hunter (Jonathan Walker)

What I do at Capital B Atlanta

I’m the health reporter at Capital B Atlanta. I’ll be reporting on health outcomes in all aspects of Black life in the city, whether it’s environmental justice, abortion access, climate change, or COVID-19. I’m excited to build out my vision for the beat, like hosting panels and working with Atlanta’s Black residents to give us the news we deserve and need. 

Why I came to Capital B Atlanta

I’ve always had a passion for journalism and the liberation of Black people. As I’ve grown in my professional career, I began to see the ways in which traditional media is broken and doesn’t truly serve Black people. I wanted more for me and for all Black folks, who deserve serious coverage in the press. It’s also really important for journalists to know the community they’re reporting on. We often center detachment as an important asset of being a reporter, but reporting from home is important. When journalists report from home, they report with love, and that is important. When I saw the job listing at Capital B, and specifically one for my hometown, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for what I want in my career. 

My connection to Atlanta

I grew up in Cobb County and have been in Georgia my entire life, aside from the nearly two years I spent in Richmond, Virginia, working for the daily newspaper there, and one year in Boston. Living in Cobb, but then spending weekends with my dad in Jonesboro and exploring the city with him, really taught me how diverse Black experiences are. I’m excited to relearn the city through a lens of good, serious, accountability journalism! 

What inspires me the most

My friends make me so happy! At this stage in my life, where I’m learning to cope with life without my mother, I’ve learned so much about love. I have some of the most amazing friends, and I’m learning how beautiful it can be to create loving relationships outside of romantic ones. My friends love me so much, and I love them dearly right back. 

Because of my friends, I know my vision for a better future for the press is a good, important vision. But they also keep me balanced in my personal life and my professional life. 

The song(s) I’m listening to on repeat right now

“Clubwhine” by Terrell Ray

“Kryptonite” by Big Boi (Because I’m excited to be back in Atlanta.) 

I also have a “Ratchet Girl Music” playlist that I keep on repeat.

My favorite Black storytellers/creators 

Journalists Erica Green and Wesley Lowery, and bell hooks.

Where you can find me

On Twitter: @KenyaTheHunter

On email:

At Barnes & Noble