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How Should Atlanta Spend Its Money? This Comedian Has Some Ideas.

Mark Kendall explains the recipe for a successful and inclusive city budget.

Atlanta comedian Mark Kendall is chopping up Atlanta's budget options in a new video. (Screen capture courtesy of the Center for Civic Innovation)

Atlanta comedian Mark Kendall knows how to bring levity and understanding to serious civic topics, such as politics and public transportation. Kendall’s YouTube sketches have been praised as some of the funniest and most insightful takes on issues that affect residents in the city. Now he has set his comedic lens on how the city plans to spend your money in 2023.

In case you missed it, the Atlanta budget process is underway. This marks the time of year when you have a say on how city leaders will spend your tax dollars next year. We’ve partnered with the Center for Civic Innovation, Atlanta Civic Circle, Canopy Atlanta, and Axios Atlanta to help residents understand the budget and how to get involved.

Drafts of the proposed budget are being reviewed and discussed right now. The hope is to get next year’s budget finalized by June 30. What’s in the budget? What’s not in the budget? What should be in the budget? All great questions. Here’s another one from Kendall: What if the budget was a pizza? 

Mark has some thoughts:

Want to learn more about how you can keep your community looped in on the city’s big money plans? Join the #ATLBudget crew this Thursday, June 2, at the Georgia Beer Garden for a discussion on all you knead (see what we did there?) to know about the Atlanta budget. Learn what ingredients are proposed for next year’s budget, how much dough’s in each slice, and ways you can share your ideas before the pie’s fully baked and delivered back to the mayor for final approval. There will obviously be pizza! 

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