What matters to us at Capital B ATL are the same things that matter to you, because we’re from here, too. We love this city, and we want to see the Black people who make Atlanta what it is thrive. One of the best ways to make sure our communities flourish is to ensure we have access to strong local news. 

Do you agree? If so, we need you on Capital B ATL’s membership team. Learn all about it below. 

Why should I join Capital B ATL?

By now you may have heard about all that plagues local news. The country has lost more than a quarter of it’s local newspapers in the last 15 years, a crisis that’s touched nearly every corner of the country, including Atlanta. Without solid local news, we are less informed, less connected, and more susceptible to the lies and unverified information that flood our social media channels everyday. Black people are especially vulnerable. At Capital B, we’ll do journalism to help Black Atlantans be better informed residents, neighbors, taxpayers and voters. And as a nonprofit newsroom, we rely on people like you to help us fund this important work. 

I hear that, but why do you need my money?

Capital B ATL is just getting started. We have big plans to cover all the big issues facing the city — health, criminal justice, education and more. And with the 2022 midterm elections coming up, we’re going to report on what these races mean specifically for Black Atlantans. The coverage you’ll find here is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else, and it will cost a lot to produce. It takes real time, money and other resources to do local journalism that holds people in power accountable and helps residents better understand their community. Delivering that journalism — and finding effective ways to make sure it reaches Black Atlantans across the metro area — is expensive. We raise money from foundations, philanthropists, corporate donations, and our membership program. We can only get this work done through a mix of these revenue streams. The best way to cover Black communities for the long haul is for readers to support it, too.  

I get that. So how will your newsroom work? What exactly will you spend my money on?

We’ll spend your donations on our journalism, and on making sure it gets to Black Atlantans who need it. With your support, our community engagement editor will engage with residents across neighborhoods in Atlanta, bring what she hears from them back to our newsroom, and use it to inform the work we do. Our reporters can keep an eye on the statehouse, and make sure Black Atlantans know how the decisions elected officials make affect their lives. And to make sure Black Atlantans who don’t get their news from the internet see our work, we can hold live community journalism events, and partner with local radio and television stations. 

Your donations help us deliver a lot of value back to you and your neighbors. 

Dope. Are there any perks to membership?

Yes! Members will get access to a members-only Facebook group, managed by our community engagement editor.  You’ll also get exclusive access to select Capital B ATL events. Plus, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting Black media in Atlanta. 

Ok, I’m ready. How do I become a member?

Yes! It’s easy to join. A recurring donation at any level gets you a year-long membership to Capital B ATL, and gives us a predictable stream of cash we can rely on to make big plans for our newsroom. 

Check out our membership options here. We can’t wait to welcome you. Sign up for our newsletters, and encourage a friend to join, too. If you have any more questions about our program, email membership@capitalbnews.org.