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The Biggest Barrier to State-Funded Doulas for Pregnant Women

The discussion around offering state-funded doulas to low-income pregnant people might be headed back to the Georgia legislature, advocates and lawmakers say.  Supportive legislators are planning to introduce a bill that would allow the state’s Medicaid dollars to fund doula services in an effort to reduce maternal deaths in Georgia. The state has among the […]

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Pregnant Women in Georgia Could Qualify for Welfare. Here’s What We Know.

Expecting mothers in low-income households might get some relief if new legislation is passed. Under House Bill 129, filed on behalf of Gov. Brian Kemp, pregnant women who qualify can apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, also known as welfare.  HB 129 is just one part of Kemp’s initiative to solve the state’s maternal […]

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Emory Midtown’s Labor and Delivery Service Scrutinized After Viral TikTok

When Latasha Gomiller, a southwest Atlanta resident, contacted Emory University Hospital Midtown for her scheduled induction on Aug. 31, she was stunned by the “rude” response she received from the person who answered the phone. With a dismissive tone, the person curtly stated that all the beds were full in the labor and delivery unit. […]

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Despite Temporary ‘Sigh of Relief,’ State Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Law

The state’s highest court just ruled to keep Georgia’s six-week abortion ban in place, ending a short-lived victory for abortion rights advocates.  Last Tuesday, a Fulton County Superior Judge ruled the law, HB481, passed in 2019 unconstitutional since it was passed while Roe v. Wade was still in effect. Robert McBurney, the judge in the […]