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Inside Capital B ATL

Welcome to Capital B Atlanta

In a city too busy for its Black residents, we want to deliver the news you need.

What’s going on, folk? As the editor, I want to welcome you to Capital B Atlanta. As is the custom in conversations with me and most Southerners, I’d like to start with a story.

I’ve had a quote stuck in my head for days now. In our piece, “A Renewed Hope for the Embattled Residents of Peoplestown,” Peoplestown resident Tanya Washington Hicks tells us about how she and other Black neighbors are fighting the city’s use of eminent domain to force them from their homes. I won’t spoil too much, because you should read the story on your own time, but thanks to brilliant reporting by Tammy Joyner (in partnership with the Atlanta Civic Circle), we learn that Mayor Andre Dickens made an unexpected, solo house call to one of the families affected by this fight. For the first time in nearly a decade, these oft-forgotten Black residents in a rapidly gentrifying area feel encouraged. However, Washington Hicks reminds us that it ain’t all peaches and cream, and leaders have their priorities mixed up

“The people make Atlanta what it is, not the profits,” she said.

At Capital B Atlanta, we know that Washington Hicks is right. Sadly, the city today prioritizes the latter over the former, especially when it comes to Black communities. The great race to make more money moves faster than a Braves World Series parade down Peachtree Street and leaves a trail of inequality in its wake, with Black residents left to wipe the dust from their eyes. This unfortunate truth should come as no surprise. Our city leads the way in racial wealth and health disparities in the United States. Despite these challenges, our newsroom commitment is to ensure that in the story of Atlanta, Black voices are heard loud and clear.

How are we doing that? By listening to you.

Our model of community engagement means that we want to hear directly from you. What you share with us will inform and inspire the stories we tell about the past, present, and future of Black Atlanta. Whether it’s health, politics, criminal justice, housing or education, we want to grow a relationship built on telling the stories that matter most to you. 

We get it. The trust between Black Atlantans and local media is fractured at best. Filling in the gaps of that disconnect are social media, misinformation, and viral video accounts delivering “news” with no context by anonymous contributors. We know that Black Atlanta is more than the stereotypical and often racist narratives in traditional media and Instagram posts.

We want to produce honest reporting that makes you feel seen while being very transparent about how we do it. Whether we’re reporting on Black nurses bringing healthcare resources to their communities in need, understanding COVID-19 testing, or answering your biggest questions about speaking out against law enforcement, Capital B Atlanta wants to be a resource. At the same time, you are our greatest resource. There are so many stories to tell about Black Atlanta. We want to bring them to the forefront, but we cannot do it without you. So, welcome to Capital B Atlanta. Let’s work together to bring the Black residents in this city the news and information they deserve.

Hit us up! Reach out to us directly via We want to hear from you.