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Why Atlanta College Students and Professors are Chanting, ‘Stop Cop City’

At a rally on Emory University’s quad earlier this week, Maresah Malcom, a senior from Decatur, joined just over 100 fellow students in protesting the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, also known as “Cop City.” Malcom said she came to the Stop Cop City demonstration because the facility is being built in the area where […]

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Could Employee Ownership Help Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap?

This story comes from our partners at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. For more on the news, trends and events shaping Black culture in Atlanta, visit Unapologetically ATL. Nijil Jones is practically giddy taking a large cardboard box out of an industrial fridge. Inside the chilled box are what Jones calls the best pecans in Georgia. And Jones, […]

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How Morehouse College Is Challenging What It Means to Be a Black Man

A culture shift is underway at Morehouse College.  The 156-year-old men’s college — among the nation’s most-selective historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) — was built upon the image of a serious, contemporary Black man fit within a uniquely American mold. But now, students, faculty members, and administrators are reconsidering what it means to be a […]

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HBCU Stereotypes ‘Dampen the Light.’ Here’s What People Get Wrong.

Too often, media coverage of historically Black colleges and universities centers on tropes or repeats falsehoods.  The reality is that HBCUs are a powerful and historically undercovered sector of higher education. And in recent years, the sector has notched some critical victories: a surge in applications, additional federal funds aimed at addressing inequity, and a […]