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Public Utility Commissions Are Exceptionally White. It’s Hurting Black Residents.

As the new head of a group of conservation voters in Georgia, Brionté McCorkle wanted to sit down with regulators who oversee the state’s utilities to talk about carbon emissions. But when she got a meeting with one of those regulators, she realized there were deeper problems. The regulator she spoke with didn’t understand the […]

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Can An Old Public Safety Campaign Curb Youth Violence in Atlanta?

Last month, the Atlanta City Council channeled a past public safety campaign to address present crime issues. Adopted by the council on March 20, the resolution calls for community organizations and media to bring back the popular public safety campaign “It’s 9 p.m., do you know where your children are?”  The PSAs, a brief announcement […]

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Georgia Senate Passes Bill on Limiting How Race is Taught in K-12 Schools

Black Georgia state senators and their allies made a last-ditch effort on Friday to stop passage of a bill that would limit discussion about systemic racism in the state’s K-12 classrooms. The Senate ultimately voted 32-20 in favor of Senate Bill 377 early Friday afternoon. Senators including Sonya Halpern (D-39th), Harold Jones II (D-22nd), and […]