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What Community Members Are Looking For In APS Board Elections

This story was produced in collaboration with Atlanta Civic Circle. Early voting starts in less than a month for Atlanta School Board Elections, with 10 candidates vying for your vote — and the opportunity to help shape the city’s public school system. These elections have extremely low turnout but come with high stakes — especially […]

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Now That ‘Cop City’ Is Being Built, What’s Next?

The Atlanta City Council approved using public funds to build a controversial new public safety training center —  dubbed “Cop City” by opponents — following more than 14 hours of rebuke from hundreds of local residents who traveled to City Hall on Monday to oppose it. An Atlanta Community Stakeholder Advisory Committee report released in […]

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Atlanta Leaders Just Voted to Approve ‘Cop City’ Funding

The Atlanta City Council voted early Tuesday morning to approve legislation to move forward with funding for a new public safety training center known as “Cop City.” The 11-4 vote came after more than 14 hours of public comment that stretched overnight — mostly from people in opposition. Less than two weeks earlier, Atlanta government […]

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Hello From The Other Side

In a world filled with diverse opinions and beliefs, it is imperative that we strive to understand and appreciate the “other side” of any argument or situation. Whether it’s a political debate, social issue, or personal disagreement, exploring alternative perspectives can broaden our understanding, foster empathy, and promote meaningful dialogue. In this article, we delve […]