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News Roundup

Voting Rights for Black Georgians at Center of Federal Trial

Plus, don’t miss out on the final day of Capital B Fest.

A federal trial concerning the process of electing Georgia’s Public Service Commission and how it affects Black voters in metro Atlanta is underway this week at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and United States Courthouse. (Prince Williams/Getty Images)

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Here’s what’s up in Atlanta today: 

  • A federal trial centered on voting rights and Black residents in metro Atlanta kicked off this week. The lawsuit, Rose v. Raffensperger, claims that redistricting keeps Black voters — dealing with higher utility bills — from electing a representative in their district for the office of Public Service Commission. The commission’s role is to make sure residents have access to affordable telecommunications, electric, and natural gas services. Since its beginning, there has only been one Black PSC commissioner.
  • Millions are raining down on a Black-owned business in Atlanta. Goodr, started by entrepreneur Jasmine Crowe in 2017, recently acquired $8 million in funds from investors. The company aims to help combat hunger and reduce food waste across the city and the country by using logistics and technology. With the new funding, Crowe said she plans to develop 35 new jobs soon.
  • Abortion rights is on the minds of some Black Georgia lawmakers. In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Black Democratic officials are shifting their plans to ensure the protection of abortion access in the state. Our politics reporter Chauncey Alcorn talked to a few policymakers to learn how they’ll be moving forward. 
  • A “Cop City” committee member has been given the boot. Last week, Lily Ponitz, who is a notable critic of the controversial police and fire training facility, was voted out of the Community Stakeholder Advisory Committee, which has been advising the center’s development process. Committee members said Ponitz wasn’t removed for her stances, but rather because she didn’t follow the group’s protocols for expressing them. Want to know what community members think about the new facility? Read our story about it here.

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